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          Electronics aims at making the life of human beings comfortable. Communication brings them together. The Electronics & Communication Engineering Department of the Institute is contributing its mite to the task. Life today offers many conveniences, which involve the use of electronic devices. Compared to the more established branches, electronics is newcomer in the field of engineering. Until recently, it was considered an integral part of Electrical Engineering, but due to the tremendous advancement during the last few decades, it has now gained its rightful place. The progress of a country depends upon the availability of economical and rapid means of communication. Radio and broadcasting provides a means of both communication as well as entertainment. With the help of satellites it has become possible to establish instant communication between places very far apart. In modern warfare, communication is almost entirely electronic. Electronic circuits are used in industrial applications in automatic control systems. Thus Electronic plays a major role in almost every sphere of our life.

Quality and growth is the motto of the department. Discipline is the Key word. The Department's teaching and research areas include Digital electronics, Fiber Optical Communications, Digital Signal Processing, Digital System Design, Microprocessor & Microcontroller, Analog & Digital Communication, Digital Image Processing, Solid State Electronics, Applied Electronics, VLSI etc. The programmes are developed to provide the student with depth and breadth of knowledge in Engineering Science and engineering design as well as in mathematics and the natural sciences. Development of non-technical skills such as communication and team work is also emphasized.


1. Instrumentation System Engineer.
2. Telecommunications Engineer.
3. System Design Engineer.
4. Radar Engineering.
5. Electronic Control System Engineer.
6. Telemetry Engineering.
7. Broadcasting Engineer.
8. Quality & Testing Engineer.
9. Software Engineer


1. Power Plants & Process industry.
2. BSNL and Mobile communication.
3. Railways, Refineries & Aviation.
4. ISRO, Defense, Armed forces.
5. Electronic Manufacturing industry.
6. Consumer Electronics.
7. Doordharshan, AIR.
8. Data, visual communication service providers.
9. Networking & Hardware Industry.

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