Communication and Digital Signal Processing Lab (EC Lab 4)




  The EC LAB 4 lab provides an opportunity for the students to study the communication systems and analog electronics. The lab is equipped with Power supplies, Function generator etc. covers a wide range of Laboratory Sessions that can prove highly helpful in allowing the students to grasp the core objective of this subject. These labs will assist in solidifying the practical concepts that are very essential for the engineering students.
Lab Name EC LAB 4
Staff in charges Ms. Ambily Francis & Ms. Ros Marie
Lab in charge Ms. Ros Marie
Name of the Labs Functioning 1). Analog Communications Lab 2). Communcations Sysytems Lab 3). Digital Communications and                                            DSP Lab.
Major Equipments in EC Lab 4
Sl No. Equipments Quantity
1 CRO 8
2 Function Generator 23
3 Power supply 27
4 Digital IC trainer Kits 5
5 Digital IC tester 2
6 DSO 10
7 Microwave Test Bench 5
8 Computer 10
  List of Experiments (Analog Communications Lab)
Sl No. Experiment
2 Mixer
3 A M Generation
4 F M Modulation & Demodulation USING PLL  IC- CD-4046
5,6 Frequency modulator and demodulator using 565 PLL
7 PAM modulator and demodulator
8 AM Modulation and demodulation using IC Multiplier
9 Balanced Modulator for DSB -SC
10 A M Detection With AGC Facility
  List of Experiments (DC – DSP Lab)   List of Experiments (Communication Systems Lab)
Expt. No. Name of the Experiment
1 Familiarization and microwave components and equipments
2 PN sequence Generation
3 Klystron characteristics o/p power and frequency versus repeller voltage
4 Measurement of frequency and wavelength
5 Characteristics of Gunn Diode
6 Measurement of impedance
7 Study of Numerical Aperture of optical fiber
8 Antenna radiation pattern measurements
9 Characteristics of Directional coupler
10 Spreader & Despreader
11 To setting up fiber optic analog link
  DO’s and DON’Ts in EC LAB 4 Do’s
  1. Follow proper dress code.
  2. Arrange the chairs before leaving the lab
  3. Disconnect all the equipment and switch off the power supplies before leaving
  1. Do not come late to the lab
  2. Do not sit in groups in front of a single system
  3. Do not enter the lab without permission from the concerned staff
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