EC Department Library


The  library has a unique large-scale fund of books  on various  fields in accordance with the content needs of programmes and courses delivered at the EC Department. The total number of the units stored is 259 books Along with this Journals are available in related to projects and seminars done .

Lab Name EC Department Libraray
Staff in charge Mr. Don P. John
Books in Library

Sl No.

Stream Quantity


B. Tech 239
2 M Tech specialized in ebedded systems


Do’s and Don’ts in this Lab Do’s :
  1. Follow proper dress code.
  2. ID card should be submitted by the students.
Don’ts :
  1. Students have to keep silence.
  2. Students are not supposed to wear shoes.
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Techtop 2016 on Aug. 5th & 6th

July 15, 2016July 15, 2016

Palmarius 2K16 on Aug. 5th & 6th

July 15, 2016

Add-on Courses on Embedded Systems

July 15, 2016

EC Dept. Website Updated

July 15, 2016