Electronic Circuits Lab (EC Lab I)

EC LAB I    



 The lab is equipped with Digital LCR-Q Meter, Oscilloscopes, Power supplies, Function generator and various electronic components like capacitors, resistors ,inductors etc.

The Basic Electronics lab provides an opportunity for the students to get familiarized with all basic electronics components and study the characteristics of diode, transistors etc. Also student will get the ability to do spice simulation of corresponding circuits. This lab is designed for third semester students.

The EC lab will helps to study the characteristics of  different types of amplifiers, oscillators etc. Lab is designed for fourth semester students.

The LIC lab provides an opportunity for the students to study the characteristics of linear IC’s like Op-Amps, Timers, PLL etc. and Digital IC’s like 74XX series. Application experiments using the above IC’s are also performed in this lab.

Lab Name   Circuits Lab
Staff in charges Ms. Soni. P &  Ms.  Anju Babu,
Lab in charge  Ms. Ancy Joy
Name of the Labs Functioning 1). Basic Electronics lab. 2). Electronics Circuits lab. 3)Linear Integrated Circuits.
  Major Equipments in Electronic Circuit  Lab
Sl No. Equipments Quantity
1 Oscilloscope 11
2 Function Generator 22
3 Power supply 34
4 Digital IC trainer Kits 2
5 Digital IC tester 1
6 Rheostat 14
7 Multimeter 26
8 Computer 9

List of Experiments (Linear Integrated Circuits Lab)

Expt. No. Name of the Experiment
1 Measurement of op-amp parameters
2 Inverting and non inverting amplifiers, Comparators-Zero crossing detector
3 integrators and differentiators-Frequency    response,
4 Schmitt trigger
5 Triangular and ramp generation using op-amps.
6 Astable and monostable multivibrators using op-amps
7 Wein bridges oscillator with amplitude stabilization
8 Active notch filter realization using op-amps
9  PWM and PPM using 555
10  Astable and monostable multivibrators using IC 555
11 Voltage regulation using IC 723
12 Realization of ADCs and DACs
13 Design of PLL for given lock and capture ranges& frequency Mul.                 
DO’s and DON’Ts in EC LAB Do’s
  1. Follow proper dress code.
  2. Arrange the chairs before leaving the lab.
  3. Disconnect all the equipment and switch off the power supplies before leaving.
  1. Do not come late to the lab.
  2. Do not sit in groups in front of a single system.
  3. Do not enter the lab without permission from the concerned staff
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