Project Lab (EC Lab 6)

EC Lab 6



This lab is meant for doing all projects to be done as a part of the Btech and Mtech Curriculum. The lab is equipped with Oscilloscopes, Power supplies, Function generators, Drillers, Soldering iron units etc. Lab is also well equipped with high speed computers installed with major programming tools such as Arduino-Processing, PICC, Proteus etc aimed at developing products rather than demo items.

Lab Name Project Lab
Staff in charges Mr. Vishnu Rajan
Lab in charge  
Name of the Labs Functioning 1). S1S2 Btech Workshop
  Major Equipments in Project Lab
Sl No. Equipments Quantity
1 Dremel Workstation 1
2 DSO 1
3 Function Generator 1
4 Multimeters 4
5 Drilling Machine 1
6 DREMEL Workstation 1
7 Soldering iron 4
8 Computer 10
DO’s and DON’Ts in IC LAB Do’s
  1. Follow proper dress code.
  2. Arrange the chairs before leaving the lab
  3. Disconnect all the equipment and switch off the power supplies before leaving
  1. Do not come late to the lab
  2. Do not sit in groups in front of a single system
  3. Do not enter the lab without permission from the concerned staff
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