VLSI Design Lab (EC Lab 3)

Lab incharge – Rolitta V Babu EC Lab 3 is mainly intended for carrying out software experiments for students in various batches of Electronics and Communication Engineering Department. The lab is equipped with PC to carry out experiments. There are altogether 10 systems provided for students use related to laboratory experiments. Students form a group of three and use systems for completing their software experiments as per curriculum. The systems are equipped with various softwares such as Model Sim, Xilinx, Microwind (for conducting VLSI design lab) and PIC C, Keil C, Proteus (for conducting Mini Project lab). All the equipments are in good condition and frequently updated with the software requirements of the labs conducted here. The labs conducted here are EC09 708(P) VLSI Design Lab in the odd semester and EC09 608(P) Mini Project lab in the even semester.  
Sl. No Item Type Make Qty
1 Digital IC Trainer kit Scientifictech (ST DIC IB) 10
2 Digital IC Trainer kit Vi Microsystems (VBET 20) 3
3 Digital IC Trainer kit Scientifictech 5
4 IC Tester MMEADIT40 1
5 PC 11
  List of experiments
  1. Comparators using different models
  2. Multiplexers & Demultiplexers
  3. Shift Registers
  4. Ripple adder & Carry look ahead adder
  5. Sequence generator & Detector
  6. Implementation of a RAM
  7. P and NMOS transistors – I –V Characteristics – extraction of V and body effect factor
  8. DC transfer characteristics of an inverter
  9. Buffer & Ring Oscillator
  10. XOR using different logic styles – comparison
  11. Single stage CS amplifiers – their responses for different types of load
  12. Single stage source follower – their responses for different types of load
  13. Current mirror circuits
  DO’s and DON’Ts in EC LAB 3   Do’s
  1. Follow proper dress code.
  2. Arrange the chairs before leaving the lab
  3. Shutdown all systems before leaving the lab.
  1. Do not come late to the lab
  2. Do not sit in groups in front of a single system
  3. Do not enter the lab without permission from the concerned staff
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